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What is this!!!??? Answered

Hi everyone!

Someone gave me a small electric project and one of the part is now broken:(

Its part of a heart beat monitor...

there was 2 tubes like like plug into the machine. 

How the machine worked ;  When you were touching the 2 tubes with your hands, its automatically started to pulse light (in the 2 tubes) It then synchronise with your heart beat.

Now, I cant figue out How a kind of neon like this could DETECT AND GLOW at the same time?!?!?! 
The two output connector ARE SHORTED TOGETHER! 

And the big question is: WHAT IS THIS part!! i would like to replace it.

It doesnt look like a neon, not even a lamp! so...???

I think its a kind of laser diode inside.

You dont see very well on the picture, but inside the white ring on the top of what i think maybe is a laser diode, is empty, theres a hole

the rest of the white glass tube is empty.

Its the top part of the tube (dont see in the picture)  is broken.


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9 years ago


Thanks you very much for the info. But Im still looking around the internet for some of these, and cant find some.

Do you know the exact name of these et maybe a place that they sell some?



Reply 9 years ago

Well a found some piece that look like it, but why are they all cuted in half? Mine have a full neon class with some gas in it....cant find one like this


9 years ago

It is a gas tube with electrode, your body acts as a conduit between them,
some fairly sophisticated electronics detects your pulse by variation in blood
resistance or back milivolt cardiac sensing.
The unit then sends RF to activate the gas lamp in time to your biometric.