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What is this ODD item i found in my HOUSE?!!? Answered

I found this odd plastic bottle in my house.  It looks like our dog chewed one end of it.
What is REALLY odd is the little military green PILL looking thing that was inside.  the
pill thing i examined and found it has a clear-flap on top and a hollow inside.. like
something was previously inside of it and is now gone.  This thing LOOKS to me like
an RFID chip holder for use by a doctor to insert an RFID chip in someone, and then
dispose of the empty holder in this case.  Maybe i am being paranoid, but this was
IN MY HOUSE!!! it is a very odd thing to find in my house.  If anyone knows what this
is, please let me know.  Thanks.



Best Answer 8 years ago

To me, it looks like what makes the squeaky noise in a dog toy, it seems the right size too.


Answer 8 years ago

I tried blowing air through the green pill... and YES it makes a squeak. OH THANKYOU for solving this riddle for me. I have never seen one of these things... but our dog is always chewing squeaky toys. I hope everyone gets a good laugh out of this... thats OK! The squeaky pill thing must have fallen inside the "bottle" and I found it my imagination went wild. I admit i am laughing too.


Answer 8 years ago

Thank you so much - I am laughing so hard. I hope framistan thinks you are right.


8 years ago

are you watching too much sci-fi movies??? hehehehe... that's a good laugh to be unwind... very nice indeed...


8 years ago

i've seen a hundred of these, it's a squeaker for a dog toy. my dog tear's them up all the time


8 years ago

I think you have been watching too much 24. I hope you don't mind but I am forwarding this to everyone I know. I just can't stop laughing - not AT you of course - by now I am hoping you are laughing too at ourofyurworld's obviously right answer - I mean even your dog seemed to know what it was.


8 years ago

Unless you see some other surgical implement with the bottle (syringe, needle, scalpel, chest-expander) I doubt it's for implanting RFID chips.

It looks to me like a gas container of some kind. Some beverage containers have a small capsule (can be pill-shaped or other shape) which is filled with a gas, when the container is opened the capsule releases it's gas.
This can easily be seen in certain cans of English beer which sometimes have a nitrogen capsule inside. The cans are under pressure and when the can is opened the pressure inside the can equalizes with the atmosphere and the capsule inside is activated, giving your "fresh fizzy beer".

Does the container in which you found this capsule look like it was used for a consumable purpose?