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What is this tool Answered

We use this at work for cutting mesh, but would like to find another one as a spare, but dont know what it is? Not sure if this will be the best forum to use ? Any help with finding one would be great 👍




9 days ago

Looks like a cutter that originally was stationary, but might just be the angle of the pics.
There metal cutting shears available in various sizes but finding them in this old style might be hard.
If what you cut is not too thick than normal metal cutting shears would do just fine.
A very similar style to yours is now available as an electric cutter, many models and brands to choose from.
Only worth though if you can use it daily.

Liste Flieger

9 days ago

I think that this was once a bench mounted shear metal cutter. Now highly customized with the plier handles.
Don't think you can get something similar off the shelf.
Maybe this helps.