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What is this website: Dungmusic . Answered

I googled my email address today and the top entry was this:

09/05/2011 05:09:07 Outgoing Emailer Started09/05/2011 05:09:16

...... 06:09:53 Successfully sent:(1955) MY EMAIL ADDRESS.com/r/n09/05/2011 ...

I searched for this company but every site seems to be just pages of this type of thing:

hiphophanger@gmail.com09/14/2011 22:09:25 Successfully sent:(964) hiphophanger@gmail.com/r/n09/14/2011 22:09:25 Trying to send:(965) kgmartyn@worldonline.co.uk09/14/2011 22:09:25 Successfully sent:(965) kgmartyn@worldonline.co.uk/r/n09/14/2011 22:09:25 Trying to send:(966) flanaganpaddy1@hotmail.com09/14/2011 22:09:25 Successfully sent:(966) flanaganpaddy1@hotmail.com/r/n09/14/2011 22:09:25 Trying to send:(967) atyourdoor05@yahoo.co.uk09/14/2011 22:09:25 Successfully sent:(967) atyourdoor05@yahoo.co.uk/r/n09/14/2011 22:09:25 Trying to send:(968) debiatfinalphase@msn.com09/14/2011 22:09:25 Successfully sent:(968) debiatfinalphase@msn.com/r/n09/14/2011 22:09:25 Trying to send:(969) princess_raisin@hotmail.co.uk09/14/2011 22:09:25 Successfully sent:(969) princess_raisin@hotmail.co.uk/r/n09/14/2011 22:09:25 Trying to send:(970) abshiro123@yahoo.co.uk09/14/2011 22:09:25 Successfully sent:(970) abshiro123@yahoo.co.uk/r/n09/14/2011 22:09:25 Trying to send:(971) scobling1979@hotmail.com09/14/2011 22:09:25 Successfully sent:(971) scobling1979@hotmail.com/r/n09/14/2011 22:09:25 Trying to send:(972) littlepeople@gillydobson.plus.com09/14/2011 22:09:26 Successfully sent:(972) littlepeople@gillydobson.plus.com/r/n09/14/2011 22:09:26 Trying to send:(973) s

I'm just curious: what is it?




Best Answer 8 years ago

That domain is registered through Yahoo. It was registered by someone allegedly named Sharon Merriweather, in Meridian MS (+1-601-482-8523). You might try calling Ms. Merriweather and asking why they were sending you e-mail, but don't give her your actual address! The output above, with all of the identical timestamps, looks like an automailer spamming the known universe.


Answer 8 years ago

It's obviously a log-file, the whole domain has no content but log-files (that I can find).
What interests me is why they are in Google's results?



8 years ago

. As a guess, it looks to be e-mail server logs of some sort. That kind of information is usually kept in protected directories.


8 years ago

Probably not good. Try a search of the malware cleaner sites.