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What is this weird transformer? Answered

I opened up a microwave hoping for a microwave transformer. But instead i got this weird looking one. i was hoping someone may be able to identify it and tell me if i could use it for a tesla coil. also, there was no capacitor??!! the largest caps i could find were those three red ones in the pics. it apeared to have litz wire on the outside and normal wire wind on the inside. Numbers in it were - 97INV (im not sure if its a 1 or i)   and F69144TOAP and finaly   F607C. 

ive now taken it apart, see picture. so, im guessing the litz wire was the primary (240v) and the solid wire is secondry (around 2kv). the secondry contained one really long winding and then another winding which only went around once (like in a normal mot). It looks like some sort of high current flyback. also, the secondary is also some kind of litz wire. It has many smaller hair thin enameled wires woven into a single strand. My guess it this thing operates at really high frequencies



7 years ago

This is a small flyback transformer i have found one in a portable TV here is a big ans small one (small one from small TV big one from big TV):


7 years ago

It's not everyone who knows about litz wire and skin effect at high frequencies.
I think a flaw in the ferrite caused in assembly ( like a scratch on glass )
pre disposed it to crack before its time.  Ferrites, like ceramic, are fragile.

The ferrite experiences both heat and magnetic stress,
Steve is right about being able to S-glue it together.
The bobbin shows no evidence of heating damage.

Did you count the outer turns when disassembling ??




7 years ago

Where is the rest of the microwave? Did someone take the main transformer out before you got to it?



Answer 7 years ago

I got the whole thing, i just took it apart. It was my neighbours and they didnt take anything out of it. that is the main transformer, the only other one was the one for the low voltage circuits. i was hopeing for one of the normal transformers (the large laminated iron ones) but this must be some kind of new transformer for modern microwaves. companies are jus getting cheaper, this thing was only 6 months old when it broke (the powdered iron core of the main transformer broke)


7 years ago

Its a modern switch mode power supply - its cheaper to make this than buy all the iron and copper that a big transformer would need, and the results are probably better too.