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What is used to coat a power line ? Answered

Are they bare? if you touch them you will die ! is that because it is NOT coated with rubber ?
 I want to know if something is attached to the wire like a clamp can it feed electric power TO the power line ?
If it is NOT grounded but surrounding the wire or clamped onto the wire and hanging from the wire can it feed power TO the Line?  If I  make a solar panel and hang it on the cable will it do ANYTHING ?  or will the power line have so much more power that the small amount from the solar panel wont enter the power line? will it back feed into the solar panel and wreck the solar panel ?   Can it be simple ?



Best Answer 8 years ago

MOST high voltage power lines to sort you see on Pylons are aluminium with a steel core to take the stress and BARE.


8 years ago

To feed power TO the line -- and get paid for it -- you need some specialized equipment to make sure you're providing the power at the right phase and frequency, and you will want a meter which properly tracks both directions. This is Not Simple, but it is available off-the-shelf. Whether it's worth doing will depend on how much power you can produce -- whether the long-term payback will cover the short-term investment.


8 years ago

Why are you thinking about trying to push power into these lines?
If you connected a solar panel it would probably disintegrate spectacularly (or do nothing)



8 years ago

The lines are straight metal. you could theoretically touch one without getting fried, but that is provided that you are nowhere near the ground and you are only touching one wire. that is why birds can sit on the wires and not get zapped.


8 years ago

The lines in the street are usually bare, the ones to your house are coated. If you touch them you will almost certainly die. Power can be fed to a power line. If you make a solar panel and attach it to the line it will wreck the panel. It is not that simple.

There are many houses where I live that have solar systems feeding power back into the grid, but it is much more complicated than just hooking up a panel.

The Skinnerz

8 years ago

It is likely that they are coated in some form of plastic to prevent corrosion, although some power lines turn green like corroded copper when it is damp outside, suggesting that there is no covering on some sections.

As for touching the power lines, the transmission voltage for electricity appears to be anywhere from 30Kv to 500Kv AC, which will easily go through a couple of millimeters of insulation if you come close to it.

If you want to try and put power into the grid, you can, if you convert the output of the solar panel to AC, in sync with the power line, and output at least the voltage of the power line. You need to have the earth connected to complete the circuit.

The only realistic option is to put the power into the low voltage 120V / 240V line supplying your house, and the ones around you.

My advice would be not to do it without a lot more research, as you could easily kill yourself, wreck all your equipment, and possibly cause dammage to the grid.