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What is wrong again with the comments?? Answered

Some time ago I reported the problem of postings going into the digital nirvana and although it seemed to be gone....
Had a few lost postings yesterday and just a few minutes ago it took about 2 minutes from pressing the button until the posting finally appeared on the list.
Now I tried to leave a comment here https://www.instructables.com/answers/Can-I-use-electric-actuators-on-a-driil-press/
but simply nothing happens when I press the make comment button.
Tried reloading, tried to load it in a new tab but no chance to comment.

While I am ranting anyway:
I notice that I have a totally different editor here compared to the one when making an Instructable.
When can we expect to see a proper editor for the purpose of writing an Instructable?
Something that actually helps and makes it easy instead of overcomplicating things and forcing us to revert to HTML and other tricks for simple formatting....


The forums are retiring in 2021 and are now closed for new topics and comments.

Reply 5 years ago

It's an intermittent, unpredictable issue.


5 years ago

After reloading the page multiple times I was able to leave a comment in the above topic.
Which also reminds me how nice it would be to edit a previous posting, but I guess such standard things will be too complicated to implement here....