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What is wrong with the picture editing textboxes!!!??? Answered

Nowadays, when working on an instructable, I get cryptic error messages when I put just a little more text than one line in a text box. This is extremely irritating!, and serves no purpose! The box then does not show up...
I like to decide myself how to to do the layout of my instructable, and not be limited by someone elses' standards.
This limitation degrades the site and should be removed immediately!



Best Answer 8 years ago

You're so right! The entire site is now a festering cesspool of destruction as a result of the bug which annoys you. None of the 20,000+ Instructables have any worth to them at all, nor do any of the users deserve to live even another day until the bug which annoys you is fixed.


Answer 8 years ago

Of course on this April the first you deserve best answer!


8 years ago

This is a known bug, and a big job to fix.

Please make a report in the "bugs" section of the forums, and remember to include details of your operating system and browser.



8 years ago

I get the same issue. But it seems to happen when I put numbers & special characters in the text like 3/4". The spell ceck feature also seems to work intermittently. This probably needs to go in the "Bugs" section though.


Answer 8 years ago


there is a bugs section of the community forums. not so much a question we can 'answer'.