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What is your biggest challenge to finishing a project? Answered

Hey Guys,

I have struggled with procrastination in the past, and its always been a constant challenge for me to finish a project due to it. I was curious if you lot had similar struggles when tackling a project.

What is the biggest obstacle in your path to accomplish something?
Is it just starting the work/project?

Is it distractions? ADD? How about lack of motivation?

Do you reach a plateau and eventually stop working on the project when your 60% done? If so, what goes through your head?

How do you deal with it?



5 years ago

Time, always the scarcest resource.


5 years ago

I plan my projects in my head, thinking through them step by step. If I finish the project completely in my head, I sometimes don't feel the need to do it for real.

If I tell somebody about my plans, though, they are more likely to happen. Most recently, it was telling people about my business idea that pushed me into actually doing it.