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What is your strategy to overcome your ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) without Ritalin?! Answered

 Well, I have a long term ADD (Atention Deficit Disorder). Nowaday I use Ritalin. It´s good, but sometimes I definitely think about another treatment.

Despite of Ritalin, sometimes I become very very unfocused....doing and thinking a lot of things...that means doing nothing, because I can´t schedule projects and daily activities....I´ve tried other strategies like hypnosis, meditation, etc. Now, I´m researching Neurofeedback, cogitating to build an EEG machine...What do you do to manage your crisis?!


Well...I'm thinking to buy this http://www.emotiv.com/store/hardware/epoc-bci/epoc-neuroheadset/ (emotiv epoc)...


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10 years ago

I too have ADD sometimes I mentally feel like a squirrel on caffeine. I am about to visit the doctor for a prescription. My research says ADD has too much theta wave activity and not enough beta wave. When I read this I remembered that the Jedi Mind Trainer responds to beta waves. I have not yet tried it but I was thinking that since the sphere rises when beta waves increase it would be worth a try...