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What kid of stuff can i do with an old computer? Answered

I have an old Windows 98 computer, what kind of things can i do with it?


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11 years ago

You can get some better advice if you provide a bit of information. (Right click on My Computer and select Properties):
  • Desktop or laptop?
  • Brand, model, and model number
  • GHz or MHz of processor speed
  • MB of memory
  • MB of hard drive capacity

After a bit of cleanup, I suspect you could sell your computer through Craig's List or your newspaper classifieds for $50 to $150. Some things you could do to increase its value:
  • Add memory
  • Wipe the hard drive and reinstall Windows 98 from the disk
  • Buy Windows XP used (but not pirated), wipe the drive, and install that
  • Wipe the drive and install some cute and small version of Linux (Puppy, for example)
  • Add a network card if it doesn't already have an ethernet port, and offer to buy the customer a (cheap used) DSL or cable modem

If you do not know how to do these, don't worry. You can get help quite easily. What your computer can handle depends on the specifications, though. Windows XP or xUbuntu Linux might run a bit slow, and Vista would almost certainly be a mess.

You old computer could make very happy some child or low-income person who just wants to surf the net and write letters. Of course, you may decide you like playing around with the computer so much that you want to keep it.

11 years ago

well, i assuming you mean kind and not kid, you can do alot of things...i would put linux on it, but what it has inside would determine what distro you should use....you could set up an FTP server to acsees your files worldiwde, or use ORB and stream your media...or you could scrap it (not recomended for the week hearted) theres a lot of things you can do... ps-if you don't want it i'll buy it :)