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What kind of EMP Invention would destroy anything nano? Answered

as the Title say's.



16 days ago

why is it so hard to destroy that? is nano technology such as neural dust destroyable?

Jack A Lopez

19 days ago

You know this is a really tough one, because nanobots are really small, and they do not really have any structure big enough to serve as an antenna, for to make them vulnerable to radio frequency, or even microwave, energy.

Maybe really intense visible light, or UV, or higher frequency (and lower wavelength) radiation?

Although really intense light can kill almost any living thing... unless that living thing is smart enough to, like, crawl under a rock or something, to hide from the bright burning light.

I dunno. I am kind of thinking that to kill nanobots you are going to have to build countermeasure nanobots, to like, hunt down and kill the enemy nanobots.

Or maybe you could spoof their command and control protocols somehow, to like, somehow trick them into destroying each other, or just command them to shut down, and stop multiplying and going all grey-goo on everybody.


Best Answer 20 days ago

If by nano you mean nanotechnology in general than not much.
Even electronis are these days relatively easy to protect from EMP's to a certain degree.
And if we talk about power levels like from a big solar flare, nuclear explosion or similar then it is only he military and secret agencies with access to usable technology.