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What kind of alternator and gearing for a steam project? Answered

I'm in need of some help, I'm working on a project including a steam powerer tesla turbine which I want to harvest surplus energy going into a boiler, it'll also serve as backup power generator in winter when the P.V.s slow down.

I'm looking at a 2m long, 300mm dia boiler witha 100mm dia flue running through it, not sure what sort of pressures I'm looking at. This comes after a thermal mass rocket stove style combustion pipe burning wood. The tesla turbine will be ally plates in oil drum based housing (572mm, 22.5" dia).

Any ideas what sort of alternator would be suitable and should I be thinking about any gearing?



2 years ago

Alternator depends on how much torque and RPM are available.
Tesla turbines usually run at quite insane speeds, so gearing down so the alternator runs between 1500 and 4000 rpm would be a good idea.


2 years ago

Boiler MUST be pressure tested - Talk to someone who knows - this is for your safety and possibly many others around you. CRITICAL.

Tesla turbine not the most efficient way to use steam power.

Alternator - Depends on how much power you expect/ need to generate.

I cannot emphasize the importance of safety with building a boiler to generate steam at pressure - IT IS A BOMB under the wrong circumstances.