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What kind of food, decorations and activites should I have at my end of the year party? Answered

There will be 20 or more people, we have a fire pit and a pretty big backyard with a lot of room. Things I have thought of doing include: Watching a movie Making s'mores in the fire pit Burning old school assignments Volleyball net and stuff outside Music and dancing Playing video games (like wii stuff and guitar hero) I also thought it would be fun to decorate the backyard with lights and give everyone glowsticks?



Best Answer 10 years ago

  • Make a load of throwies and, er, throw them at things.
  • Launch fire-kites.
  • Play darts, but with a huge board on the lawn, and give everybody garden forks.
  • Stick pictures of unpopular teachers all over a brick wall, make a catapult or slingshot with a non-flammable ammo-holder and then shoot burning marshmallows at the pictures.
  • As above, but on a wooden fence. Make ninja throwing stars with holes in the middle, and use those to throw burning marshmallows at the pictures.