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What kind of power supply for this LED array? Answered

Hi, My grow light failed on me recently. It's a series circuit of perhaps 3W diodes. 

LED array pic: http://i.imgur.com/YQfJSrZ.jpg

There are 18 diodes, and the colors are: 

10 x 660nm (red), 3 x 630nm (red), 1 x 610nm (orange), 1 x 520nm (green), 1 x 430nm(blue), 2 x 450nm (blue),
Total: 18 pieces

Driver: http://i.imgur.com/Fpt2x4q.jpg

I'm not really that knowledgeable about electronics, so what specs should I look for when buying a replacement driver? Is it as simple as getting something that is 8-12W like in the image, or is there more to it than that?



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3 years ago

It looks like the power supply died from overheating or due to a single component failing.
Some clues are on it, like 8-12W for the power delivery but you still need to figure out how much voltage the LED's need and of course find a replacement power supply with similar specs and current limiting.
I had these cheap things from around 11V to over 60V.
Comes down to how many LED's are connected in series and how many of these series connections run parallel.
Best option would be to check the circuit board and do some drawing to count.
Sometimes you can be lucky if the circuit board does not double as a heat sink and holding it against the light makes the traces better visible.
Won't work on ceramic or metal backed boards though.
In either case you should still be able to follow the tracks from + over the LED's to - manually.


Reply 3 years ago

Hi, Thanks for the reply.

It looks like the whole board is in 1 complete series. So none are in parallel.

I think I found the company, and possibly the product: https://darkenergy.en.alibaba.com/product/60292152...

With this info,

Input voltage:AC90-260V

Output current:300 ± 5MA

Output voltage:DC24-42V

Output power:8-12W

Power factor:≥0.5 full load

Could I get anything that is similar to those specifications? For example: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/LED-Driver-1W-18W-...


8-12W LED Drive

Input Voltage: 150-260V

Output Voltage: 24-48V

Output Current: 280-300mA

What do you think?


Reply 3 years ago

I think it should work, given the shady variations they provide.
But depending on the price I still think a new LED lamp might come cheaper, after all you still don't really know if the power supply failed due to being cheap, overused or because one or more LED's are blown.
With a lab power supply you can limit the current and increase the voltage until the LED's start to light up - simple test to see if all are still working.