What kind of strength do studs (2x4) in your wall have? Is there a way to "boost" their strength? Answered


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I just moved into a new place, and am renting.  I want to install a hammock into the studs, but the landlord feels it will put too much strain on the frame.  The studs are 2x4, and I was wondering, if by placing a 2x6 or something board between (bridging) two studs, if I could achieve enough strength to not hurt the studs.
Any suggestions welcome :)





7 years ago

If a 2 x 4 wall stud won't take it, there's something wrong with the construction. Mine is hooked, with cargo hooks, one on the 2x6 in the outer wall and the other end to a 2x4 in an inner wall and at an angle to boot. After two years, no problems and the house isn't falling down.


8 years ago

Hang off the ceiling-joists instead - you know they'll take the weight.



8 years ago

I don't think that it would be a good idea on a couple differant reasons.

1. Your landlord owns the place so you should respect his wishes. Could cost you money! 
2. The studs are used to hold up a wall at the least, the ceiling at worst.
3. 2x4 are strong but to brace one against lateral tourque when it's used for linear may cause failure and damage to you, the wall, the cieling, the floor, or even electrical wires or pipes that may be behind any drywall. (you didn't say anything about that, just an assumption on my part)

There is a ible that someone made a free standing hammock stand and would probably be good to look at. https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Hammock-Stand/