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What laptop fan do I need, and where I can I get it for a good price in the UK? Answered

I think this is actually my first post here, although I've been following Instructables for a long time.

Anyway, I thought someone here might be able to help me find the right parts.

I have an Acer Aspire 7520 laptop.  I think the fan might be going south--it makes a horrible noise when it first starts up, then after a while it calms down but it seems to turn on and off more frequently than it should.  According to the computer itself (monitored with lm-sensors on Fedora) the temperatures of the various parts are within the normal range, so my guess is that the fan itself is malfunctioning.

I'm a total novice but I think, based on previous experience, that I can take a shot at replacing the fan myself if I can figure out what part to buy and where to get it.  My google-fu seems to be failing me, though, and the only place I see to buy it is some random company called shop1mall, which I don't really trust, or various places in the US.  Acer customer service is useless--they will only book it in for a repair, not tell me the part number.

Where can an ignorant person such as myself find a suitable replacement part?  I'm fairly new to the UK so I don't know all the places to look here, but so far Misco, Maplin, and PC World don't seem to carry a suitable part, or at least, I don't know how to tell whether the fans they sell will work with this laptop.

Geez, sorry for the rambling message.  Any help is appreciated, though.


Tool Using Animal

8 years ago

I had a similar problem on my acer 5050.

I took it apart and cleaned the hairs and fibers on the fan shaft, that solved the noise problem.

Also the air channels on the heat sink are very narrow, blowing them out solved the problem of the fan turning on and off constantly.

manderwTool Using Animal

Reply 8 years ago

I've noticed that it only makes the horrible grinding noise for the first half hour or so, then it gets quieter. Do I perhaps need to lubricate the fan in some way? If so, what do I use?

I have taken it apart and cleaned out the dust from the fan blades and the heat sink a couple of times, but I haven't tried to put WD40 or anything like that on any parts. I will dismantle it again and see if there is more gunk on the rest of the fan.

Tool Using Animalmanderw

Reply 8 years ago

I'd avoid using any oil based lubes, they just collect dust. You could try a dry lube, maybe get a spray can of teflon dry lube, spritz it into a container and , if you can access it, apply a bit to the fan bearings with a toothpick.