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What materials do you use for batik? Answered

We are about to attempt to do batik painting at school and your example looks like the most simple one I have come across so far for primary school to do. I have a few questions to ask about this what sort of wax do you use? and what sort of paints do do use are they acrylic or fabric paints? I would really appreciate any answers Thank you Anna



8 years ago

Any cotton or silk will do- I like loose canvas or muslin for wall hangings because it is thick enough that it won't roll into itself, but you should probably hem or serge the edges of you use muslin so that it doesn't fray over the years. I've used RIT fabric dye because it's cheap (use salt as a fixative: 1tsp per every quart). Since it's mixed hot and you're working with children, I recommend making it beforehand and taking it to school with you in water bottles or something once it's cool. Paraffin wax with give you a cracked look, beeswax will give you smooth, elmers glue will give you smooth and you don't need it to be hot. Also, if you use elmers glue you can just wash it out instead of having to use an iron over paper towels to remove the wax. I hope this helps!



10 years ago

You need to add this as a comment on the Instructable you are referring to, or include a link to it here.