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What metals (Copper) or a Silver oxide-Copper solution on Mold with EMF from High voltage spark gap should I use for a project? Answered

I am having problems deciding if I should use diluted silver nitrate on agar (Cocoa agar with sugars) or just add silver oxide and copper or copper powder to plates with Pencillum I growing on them then expose them into an aluminum sheet to fit three plates.

This will determine if EMF alone (30 or 60 minutes, etc) or combined with small amounts of copper and silver (II) oxide mix or copper would prevent or kill spores? Alone EMF from high voltage may just inhibit growth but the silver copper mix may totally kill them!!

It difficult since a correct dosage of this silver-copper mix must be used or copper. If it is too high it will prevent any growth before the EMF can have any effect. So maybe I need to dose it with 1g 5g and 2.5 g silver copper and see which one has modernate growth inhbition effects. Each test will be done together to save time.


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