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What motor to choose for RC Tank, scale 1/6? Answered

I´m building a battletank in or near scale 1/6. I´m just a few days old in the world of electronics but found some really good information about RC Electronics here on instructable! But it still leaves me with some questions. And the main question is what motor I should pick.

There are loads and loads of different motors, and I don´t even know what I´m looking for.
All I know is, I want a high-torque motor that can run both forwards and backwards!
but then it´s so much configuration about Amps, volt, Kv...
And I just don´t know what motors will be sufficient for a 40k-50kg tank, that will run for about 7-10 km/h. 
How do I tell the outcome by the numbers listed in the specs?

It´s a crazy world to be completly new in :)


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7 years ago

Heres some ideas, just had a quick squiz on http://www.rctanks.ru/

quote " For example, our standard tank, scale 1:6, with 2 engines and battery
(12-24V on your choice) accelerates up to 12 km/hour (7.5 mi/hour) with
at least 3 hours of running time and unlimited cross-country ability."

they use 2 motors, the smallest size seems to be 250W, with a 12v 18Ah SLA batt means roughly a 20A motor which is possibly a windscreen wiper motor sort of size.

Another company, Amourtek, uses 2 x 24V 380W motors for their 250lb model.

In fact, my garage door opener has a 24V dc geared motor which looks exactly the same as a windscreen wiper motor.


Answer 7 years ago

Thank you Petercd! That was just the information I needed. Now I know where to start and the rest of the electronics should just fall into place! Nice site also, haven´t stumbled uopn that before.

I was looking for motors in the 7-1000 watt range, so I was completley off.