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What motors to use? Answered

Hi, I was looking for some advise on how many rocket motors I should use for my rocket. The main fuselage/engine mount weighs 150g, and the payload weighs 50. The main engine will be an Estes D12-3, and I also have some C6-7s to use as boosters. I built it to support up to a cluster of 8 around the outside, but I think if I filled it, it would be too much power and it would break apart or be unrecoverable due to the altitude reached. I can either have 0, 2, 4, or the full 8 boosters. From simulations, I will get about 33m from the D12 on it's own, and roughly an extra 15m from each C6 engine added. It is only a simulation though, so I was hoping someone could make a sensible recommendation on how many to use.

One more question, how many engines can I simultaneously ignite with the estes igniter (with the igniters in series). I don't have any spare ignition wire, so I can't really test it. I need to be sure that the igniter can supply enough current to fire all the engines, or it will be unstable.


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