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What not to do with your cell phone Answered

I've seen a lot of people on forums saying that they droped their cell phone in the puddle or some other thing and went to get it replaced, saying that it just "Stopped" working (lying) and the won't replace it anyways. Well the reason is, there is a small round sticker in the battery compartment, right underneath the battery cover, where if it is dropped in water, it will definatly make contact. What this "sticker" does, is release a red dye when water touches it and turns the sticker dark red, I'm not sure if the dye stains the plastic or anything, but best not try. So when you take it into the phone store, they can check that and say "oh this shithead dropped his phone in the puddle, sorry, but we don't cover that". Just thought I'd share that and show you guys what it looked like. As used in the example, is my motorola v220 (doesn't have a lot of compatible software/games that I can find, but a nice gem to have). And yes that is a "Lupin the 3rd" background on my laptop.


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