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What on earth could I use this 'Lectern Commander' for? Answered

I picked this up on ebay for 5 dollars last month, apparently it retails for a couple of thousand, but im yet to think of a novel way to utilise this guy. Here are some specs from the pdf file i found on this lectern site.

The Lectern Commander is able to
communicate both direct Infra Red and RS232
Combines the best features of a dedicated key control panel and a colour touchscreen in a single unit
- Fits directly into unmodified industry-standard lectern
- Modular design allows integration of microphone sockets, lectern light etc. for special applications
- 32 key digital matrix touch overlay
- Flexible – can function as a stand-alone controller or in conjunction with any of the CommBox range of

- Easy to program with standard Joey software, tools and library
- Low power consumption allows operation on long low-voltage cables
Keys: 32, including 10 touchscreen keys
Panel Type: Colour LCD, CCFL Backlight
Panel Size: 4.0” diagonal
Resolution: 320 x 240 pixels
Brightness: 80cd/m2 (Typical)
Contrast Ratio: 17:1 (Typical)
Display Colour: 8 Colour
Connectivity: IRBus (6.35mm TRS), IR (3.5mm phono), RS-232 (DB9).
IR carrier frequency: 38kHz (industry standard)
Power Supply: 12volts (Supplied by IR-Bus)
Current demand: 100 – 200mA (depends on brightness setting). Standby current: 5mA.
Enclosure: Steel, black powder coated
Dimensions: 540mm x 80mm x 70mm

hmmm any ideas???



9 years ago

I think u should turn it into a server, that´d be awesome.


10 years ago

I'm a ham radio operator and I tell you something this nice I'd turn into a control center for All my radios. Can I Have It ?


10 years ago

A home automation system could do with something like this; hook up some X10 units and so on, you might have something there. I like Seandogue's suggestion of effects control - could you interface it with a VJ unit or something perhaps? hmmm...


10 years ago

TBH - I just sell it on ebay - a profit easy then spend the cash on what I can use.


10 years ago

I see you're in a band and into electronics...It's conceivable that you could use it to control effects of some sort with the right mods. Or just impress girls. ;)


Answer 10 years ago

yeh, this is what i was thinking towards...


10 years ago

are you just showing off you got this for 5 bucks?!!! I think you should hold daily lectures and have your entirefamily sit beneath you, corss-legged, in silence, while you deliver your daily sermon,SIR! Either that, or go to a Trekkie convention and offer to transport equally starnge people who have bought equally bizarre things!


Answer 10 years ago

5 bucks or a million, its a piece of junk to me till i can find a novel use for it (im not the preacher type ;)), just thought someone might have an idea of what i could do with some of the circuitry if i were to list some specs, i have no idea what it looks like inside, so i think i might do i dissection later today..