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What part of a coil gun generates the most heat, and how much? Answered

Im building a single stage handheld coilgun, and im being cautions of heat issues, (because burning myself is less than fun) so i was wondering which part (ie the coils, or the caps. etc.) generates the most heat so i can whack a heatsink or cover over it.



10 years ago

Depends on how far you are pushing the limits of the parts. The batteries are going to heat up if you pull a lot of current to charge caps, caps are going to heat up if you charge them quickly or discharge them to quickly, the coil is going to heat up when you pump amps threw it, and the switching circuit has to handle the amps.

- Jordz -jtobako

Answer 10 years ago

Assume im making a dodgy little one out of photoflash caps. and some D cell batteries. What do you think would heat most then? Or is it still to difficult to say?