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What plum tree can I grow in Kansas City to make umeboshi? Answered

My wife is Japanese and she likes a fruit common in Japan called ume-boshi. It's a kind of plum. We thought we might be able to grow this tree in Kansas City and she could make her own ume-boshi, but we can't find what kind of plum tree is needed.



9 years ago


I am also looking to grow my own Ume plum tree and found this nursery that has young trees for sale. They have: UME DOUBLE PINK FLOWERING AND FRUITING APRICOT, UME SHIRO-KAGA FLOWERING AND FRUITING APRICOT, & UME SINGLE PINK FLOWERING AND FRUITING APRICOT

Grown first winter in doors?:
"It was not looking particularly happy and we did not think it would survive the winter sitting inside the house next to the window--for that matter we didn't think it would survive the winter no matter what we did. As a desperate measure, we plunked it down into the small raised vegetable patch we have in the backyard (we used to grow tomatoes until it got too shady for that). This was meant to be the plum tree I.C.U. and lo-and-behold, it revived itself and started growing. Now it is about 20 foot tall." at:  http://norioonwine.blogspot.com/2010/02/plum-wine.html

Image found at:

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10 years ago

I'm a Japanese Living Here In South Coast of Oregon, I planted Japanese Ume( Sour Apricot) Last Week, Which I Bought from Near by "101 Plant & Things" Nursery. Tree is About 5Ft & In 14" Tub. There are Three More Tree I Saw in Stock Umeboshi-Ume Is a Apricot Family There for How to Take Care is Pretty Similar to Apricot Tree. I will Not List There Phone Number In Here For Many Reasons. Myself Is Japan Born Japanese. I Miss So Many Things Specially Foods Stuff. Not Fancy Things, Things I Grownup With as Farmer's Kid..... ......Over 40 years Ago.


10 years ago

Looks like you are looking for an Ume tree (Prunus mumePrunus mume), close but not quite a plum tree. It looks like it's available at sometree nurseries tree nurseries, seems that they would grow in zone 6-9, I think Kansas City is zone 6?