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What power supply do i need to use to power 4 x 5meters 3528 LED striplight? Answered

I want to run a rectangular border round my window frame using the RGB 3528 LED strip light. How do I select the correct driver to power this circuit.



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6 years ago

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2- 2.5Amps (@12v) should do just fine; assuming your using the 60 led per M (300 for 5m)

I prefer to have some more numbers to work with, but this is the standard source for

a 5M, 60 led per meter strip. I would check were you bought the strip or stop by your local second hand store for something cheaper.

I know the math says Full Power white should be quite high, In a practical application it is usually much lower. I have 10M installed in a Ceiling light fixture, (4X2.5M wired in parellel) I just confirmed that the maximum draw is 3.8A at full power white (not including the conntrol hardware, a blower fan for cooling, and other gizmos) This measurement was taken Directly from the light strip it's self, powered by a sealed 12v battery.

May I ask how you plan to control the strip? Are you using a Pre-made solution (Like this one) or are you making your own? I Love working with Led's; I'll help were I can :D