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What program is used in the popular Youtube video "Screaming Eggs"? Answered

Does anyone know what program is used to cut out and place the eyes and mouth on the eggs in the Youtube video "Screaming Eggs"? ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2Cfg3swvbc ) Its also used in the Star Wars parody, Thumb Wars. If anyone knows what program that is, and if its freeware or not, It would be super duper appriciated if you could tell meh.



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Best Answer 11 years ago

I would assume that they used after effects, and recorded their eyes and mouths, cut them, feathered the selection, and then placed them on top of the eggs layer and created a motion path.. After effects is about 500-600 dollars, and there are educational discounts.... there is, however, a trial on adobe's website that you could use for a while.