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What projects should I make for science exhibition for school? Answered

A science exhibition is going to be held on my school and I read in class 9. So, I want to participate in it and make something unique, special, fun and interesting. Therefore, please suggest some projects which can be made at home and whose parts can be found easily at home by toys like R/C car, etc. Note that I am not good at soldering circuits nor I am not too rich to buy all that stuffs and as I live in India, there is nothing which I can buy. Even simple parts like LED, DC motor are not available to all shops. Please do remember that I would a project which is based on electricity and also you can suggest a project which uses a solar board, 9-volt battery, LED, DC motor, magnet, laser as I have all of these stuffs already,


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6 years ago

Examine drag. A sloping board and some of your cars could compare how far different shapes and weights will roll when out on the slope.

If you want to show something mysterious get a jar and fill with honey put a weight in it like a big nut. On a slope the jar will roll down but very slowly. you can discuss friction and viscous liquids.