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What really happened to my Arduino Uno R3? Answered

My Arduino  Uno R3 was working properly, but I connected it to a power supply board along with relays and GSM modem and some voltage fluctuations and blinking occurred. I immediately disconnected everything from it and connected Arduino to my PC. But I was not able to upload any programs to it.

avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding

I was getting this error report.

I disconnected every connections from it, but still I was not able to upload programs to it.

When connected to PC the 'ON' and 'L' LEDs are glowing steadily.

No blinking occurs to 'L' LED even when the reset button is pressed.

Also the micro-controller chip is getting overheated(By a little more than usual).

There is no problem with my USB drivers because I am sure that it was working fine on Windows and Linux.

Can you please tell me what the problem is and how to fix it?




4 years ago

Sorry can't really tell, maybe a ground loop maybe a short in your wiring.

When you replace the Arduino, start using optical isolators to avoid difficulties arising from experimental errors. Relays cause huge voltage transients that damage ICs in less then a usec.


Answer 4 years ago

So is it sure that the microcontroller got damaged?
Will it be possible to replace the ATmega328 with bootloader and fix the problem?


Answer 4 years ago

Hardware damage is not fixable with bootloader software.