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What rechargeable batteries should I use in my solar garden lights? Answered

I like my solar garden lights, but they came with cheapo rechargeable batteries so they don't glow long enough at night.

What should I look for in rechargeables to get the best performance out of my lights?

The battery size is AA.



8 years ago

I think like Jack states, go for NiMH because of the memory effect. As your garden lights won't provide the same recharging cycles from day to day, memory effect would be bad to have.

Otherwise, look for the mAH on the batteries. The more mAH, the longer the battery will last per day, giving you longer light times than lower mAH.

Jack A Lopez

8 years ago

Word on the street, or at least in the 'ibles in the Related panel ----->

is that you should replace the inferior nickel-cadmium (NiCad) cell, with a new and improved nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH). The NiMH cells have pretty much the same voltage, but greater capacity, no memory effect, and are made from materials that are less toxic.

That's a good summary of the whole NiMH vs NiCad saga.

BTW, there's no guarantee that the factory cell is an inferior NiCad.  It could be an inferior NiMH.

Also it may be the case that your cheap solar cells are not providing enough energy, per day, to give you the number of hours of light at night that you desire.

Anyway if you just want to replace that battery, then seek out some new, name brand (e.g. Duracell(r), Energizer(r), etc.) AA, NiMH cells.  They're easy enough to find in Earth's finer hardware and department stores.  People use 'em in their flashlights, and cameras, and whatnot, so they're found in that part of the store.