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What should I build with two LCD-screens? (17'+19') Answered

Hi guys!

Just stumbled upon this site...seems like a found a new way to give my inner evil genius some space! :)


Found my 2 old lcd screens today, both seem to have a problem with the backlight switching whatever, meaning they don't care if they get a signal from my PC or not, they stay off.

Now, I'm not going to ask for solutions, I'm pretty sure google would come up with something.

I got a widescreen LCD & don't need those two, so I'm a little curious:

What would the most awesome thing to be build with/out of 2 (differently sized) computer screens be?

Not that I'm actually going to build that, I just like screwing around with electronics.
Sometimes I finish stuff, sometimes I don't, and seldomly I even finish something that works and has some kind of purpose.




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