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What should I use to wire LEDs in a cigar box so that they light up when the lid is opened? Answered

Hi there, I would like to set up a simple circuit in a cigar box so that it lights up when the lid is open and turns off when it is closed. I plan on putting a panel in the bottom with holes for the lights so that it conceals the wires.

I'm hoping someone can recommend specific materials to me, ie what size/type of LED, button battery, wire, switch would be best? I'd like the lights to be white, and bright (lol but not like laser beams). Do I need to use resistors too?

I spent a long time on here looking at comparable projects, and while I'm so impressed with the talent and scale of the projects here, I also realize the theory behind this stuff is pretty over my head so I'm a little hesitant to start experimenting! I'm sure it's got to be simple and hoping one of you might save me a lot of time and maybe from burning my house down.

Any insight would be much appreciated! Hope I'm not being to much of a noodge in asking this. Cheers, Molly



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8 years ago

Light detecting sensor (very simple)... see my I'bles...



9 years ago

I recommend reading one of the MANY MANY MANY instructables on the topic of wiring leds.

Yes you need resistors, as leds aren't like light bulbs - they are short circuits that will burn out without protection.

The switch can be any momentary switch - - and you want to use the normally closed switch as you suggest that is depressed when the lid is closed, or a normally open switch that is physically actuated by the motion of the lid opening. Either way will work.