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What size motor and battery are needed to run a kiddie train ride weighing about 250 lbs? Answered

I have a kiddie train ride that was designed to run by charging the track in order to run the motor.  I can't find the parts for it, I'm missing a transformer, and the tracks may be too corroded to conduct electricity.  I would like to convert this ride to run off of a marine battery and motor using an on off switch, or timer of some sort.  What size motor, and battery should i be looking for?  I have read that these rides use 5 amps to get started and 3 amps while running.


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7 years ago

You will want a 12 Volt DC gear motor about a half horse power say 360 Watt

That would require about 30 amps at 12 volts ( 30*12 = 360 W ).

If you chose 24 VDC ( two batteries in series ) then a 24 V motor will need 15 amps.

Finally if your track is level maybe you could get by with a 1/4 HP 24VDC motor that would need 7.5 amps DC.

Keep in mind these are peak power loads, most of the time the train will probably be using less energy.