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What software can i use to draw graphic analysis frequency response of opamp circuit? Answered

 I'm finding a program can draw the graphic analysis frequency response of opamp circuit from schematic (some thing like the image below) .
What program can i use to do it ?Can you tell me please !
Thanks for advice!

sorry for my bad English!



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Best Answer 8 years ago

The classic program is called "Spice", but that can be very hard to fly.

Linear Technology provide a FREE program called "LTspice" which is can do exactly what you want, and includes schematic capture. They also include models of many of their op-amps.


Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

8 years ago

This must be a follow up question to the question you asked yesterday.

I admit it would be convenient to find a circuit simulator,
with the ability to do frequency response analysis,
as a feature.  I think such things are out there, and maybe even free.

One of the links that Google(r) returned was this place:

Their circuit editor is of the kind that runs in the browser.

Try to find the link there  that points to "op-amp non-inverting amplifier", since that circuit is closest to your thing.    It might be here:
although that "me84m" part of the url might be some dynamic mumbo-jumbo different to every site visitor.

Then click button that says "Open in Editor"

Then from the "Run" drop down menu choose "Frequency Domain Simulation"

When I do this I get something that looks like a Bode plot.  I am guessing you could modify that circuit, or build your own circuit, in that editor, press the same buttons, and get the Bode plot for your circuit.

Not sure how you tell the editor which model of op-amp you are using, but I am guessing its simulation engine is taking the frequency response of the op-amp into account.  That is to say it is using real simulated op-amps,and not ideal op-amps, which I would expect to have a magically flat frequency response.