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What sort of servers and software handle Instructables? Answered

Instructables is a pretty big website, so it must require a lot of resources, so my question is what handles the day-to-day running of the website?

Linux or Windows? IIS or Apache? Homebuilt servers or HP servers?




Best Answer 8 years ago

Interns. They keep them in a semi-darkened warehouse full of old Commodore 64s, and whenever you search for something, the interns have to go to a wall full of filing cabinets with cassette tapes, find what you asked for, and play the tape to transfer the information to you.

The interns get paid piece rate, and use their wages to purchase food, water, and access to the restroom. If they fall below their daily quota, there are increasing penalties applied. I believe Eric handles the corporal punishment himself, just to remind Staff of Who Is In Charge.


8 years ago

I doubt homebuilt. There's nothing very special about Instructables from a software point of view -- it's basically an organized blog system -- so I'd assume it's mostly off-the-shelf. The largest challenge is making it scalable and robust, and the bigger webservers and server farms have that pretty well nailed down.

Frankly, I suspect it's bog-standard enough that they could happily move it from platform to platform and machine to machine without recoding anything. Which is what you want for this sort of business -- you expect/hope to grow, and you want to be able to accept that growth without spending a lot more time and money.


8 years ago

128000 hamsters, 51200 rats and 2012000 mice, all running wheels and pressing-buttons....



8 years ago

It's all steam and clockwork - the whole site is based on a warehouse full of Brabbage machines.

I was kinda hoping that it was powered by treadmill desks, that Eric installed into every employee workspace - walking power!