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What speakers and amp should I use? Answered

In a nutshell, I am looking to make an outdoor, Bluetooth system with four speakers. I currently have two 25W 4 ohm speakers I would like to use as two of the speakers. I was wondering what amplifier I should use and what speaker specifications I should be looking for for my other two speakers. I was reading into 'bridging' where you connect two speakers as one side and two as the other side. I have no previous knowledge of speakers and amplifiers. Thank you!


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5 years ago

There are plenty of 12V audio amps for a project like this. Just check your local Electrical components store


The specs of your Amp will tell you what speakers it can drive (Usually it will do 4-8 Ohm no problem) Then try to find an amp that doesn't exceed the Combined wattage of your speakers. You can still use a higher wattage amp, (just keep it turned down)

Also how do you plan to integrate the blurtooth ? and will this be portable or fixed? (Thinking about battery life)