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What tech I need to make a tactile/haptic musical instrument...i.e. a sample that responds to touch and vibration...? Answered

I'm looking to make an instrument that responds to touch or vibration, I have seen similar things elsewhere but have no links. The basic idea is that there would operate as a stand alone object that when touched, stroked tapped etc. it generates a sound and the volume, timbre or whatever is relative to the force applied. So using vibration to trigger a sample and quality of vibration to determine the quality of sound. Any ideas about how this could be achieved? Could an arduino provide the answer or is it purely sensor based? I would really love all your instructable knowledge on this one. Ta



10 years ago

What about something like a theramin ?


Answer 10 years ago

No its not so much like a thermin but turning a surface into a sensor, that would trigger a sample and the qualities of interaction affecting the quality of the sound. To create effectively a MIDI control or similar, taking one form of data such as touch/vibration and turn it into a MIDI signal. What kind of sensor would I need to use and what kind of interface would I need to convert to a MIDI signal?