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What things I should consider while doing a risk assessment of a project that involves a solar simulator? Answered


I am involved in a project related to PV panels laminated with structured glass. I have to do a risk assessment i.e the things that can delay my project.
The things that are involved in it are
5 Solar panel samples (will be laminated outside the country)
Sun Simulator (often busy)
Need to measure some I-V curves

I have got identified some risks but I need to get in depth.
Any help in this regard will be really helpful



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Best Answer 8 years ago

Think of everything (every single step) that has to happen from now to project completion and think of how each step could harm your goals.
Here are some things you could consider
-financing for the project will fall through
-not enough man power to complete project
-delays in manufacture
-problems with manufacturer
-delays in transport
-unavailability of sun simulator
-instrument failure

Keep in mind however that the best person to create such a list is someone closely involved with each step,

Once you have your list give each item a (rough) probability of happening (like from 1-5). Then go through the list again and estimate the consequences of each thing that can go wrong (again from 1-5). Then multiply the two numbers and you will see which risks have to be resolved as soon as possible. For each risk you can reduce the chance of it happening or the consequences.

Say for example that the person financing you is unreliable. This would mean that the chance of loosing financing is high. If you dont have financing you cannot move forward so the consequences are extreme. A way to solve it is to split the financing over several investors (reduce the consequence) or create a very strong contract with this investor (reduce the chance)


8 years ago

Do a pert chart analysis and add the high and low risk in the
critical path.  Straight forward :-)