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What to buy? Answered

Hi Guys,

I would like to make small wooden boxes, it's my first time would you advice which table with saw should I buy? Greets Chris

Ps It should be small and not super expensive.


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1 year ago

I would not worry in this direction.
I would worry in the direction of what to do with the tool when the boxes are done ;)

One could buy a nice cut off saw with all sorts of angle adjustments only to have the thing collecting dust once the project is finnished.
Same for a bench top band saw.
In many cases though people already have a jig saw without knowing or realising any of it's true potential.....

Take a look and you will find it has an adjustable foot plate - yes!, you can ajust the angle the blade cuts through the wood...
If you take a closer look at the plate on a (proper) model you also find lots of option to just mount this plate onto something - even if you use just clamps or screw wooden blocks over the plate.
If there would now only be a suitable slot in the plate the jigsaw is mounted on then we could actually put a blade into it and turn it on....
I leave it to your imagination if you prefer a slightly modified workbench in your garage or a "table" for it but it might be the cheapest and most universal option out there ;)