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What to do to MOD… Answered

Hi Friends…„

Prior go to further, I'm saying sorry to all, because of these three…
1. I'm novice
2. Putting this stupid question here
3. My bad English

Okay friends, thanks to you…„ to take a view to my question.

I bought from local store an 'Open Ready Kit' to drive 5w, 10w, 12w LED chip, in a very cheap 15INR. Photoshot enclosed.

Photoshot of Part

The components assembled therein as per the circuit diagram.

Circuit Diagram

I tested this on 5w LED chip. Its OK and glow likely good.

But, the problem is„ when I touch the DC Vout wires, its clangoring me, like touch to alternative current. I havent Multimeter„ so I do not to mark what current it throws at that Vout Points. Both points jingling me something high no normal.

I think„ theres no pure DC Vouts.

I searched for MOD it at the web, but got confused. "But"… not bad, one advantage I have achieved to get some knowledge about the Electronic Circuit and Symbols of Electronic Component.

I like to take Pure DC Vout at constant 11v or 12v. So„ what value of the Electrolytic Condenser to replace, and, Can I adjust one Zener Diode for desired Vout ?

Question ? Diagram

Please Help…


-- Photoshot of Part

-- Circuit Diagram

-- Question ? Diagram


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