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What to do when your bored and you have internet bandwidth issues ? Answered

Hello !
Everything is in the title , Im bored and it's very warm over here (I wouldnt complain about that if I wasnt bored) , I'd like to find something that could keep me busy during a long time , something great to do and most of all : useful and cheap , nothing more than 50 bucks .
Dont tell me to read a book , I dont have nothing interesting and I can't read more than 30 minutes ...
Thank you ;)




Best Answer 8 years ago

Boredom is a state of mind not a physical condition. A variation on depression.

To get out of this you need to energise yourself to change the mind set. often this means changing environments/situations.

In general people rationalise this with go out and join a club/organisation/something that gets you doing things. This keeps you occupied, engages your mind and gets you going - on the up side you often start making more friends who don't even understand the concept of boredom.

YOU have to make the effort no matter how difficult or frightening it seems. after the first few visits you will have got over all that.

Amazingly most public organisations welcome new arrivals and make them fit in quickly.

If you are truly a loaner then you could: built a work bench so you have somewhere to try some of the projects documented here, you could take an interest in your surroundings, I have no idea where you are in the world but everywhere has something interesting and observable if you try, get outside on your bike or walk. I met my first girlfriend by going for a walk.

Make a list of ALL the things you would like to do/be no matter how bizarre.
Edit the list into a reasonable order that might be possible to achieve.

Look at the top 3 and think of what you need to do to achieve them, then tomorrow compel your self to start by doing one of those things that starts you on that step.


Make friends

Find something interesting as a hobby

make some money

get a car


Make friends:
Join a club - go where others gather eg sports stadium - offer to help someone less fortunate that yourself.

Get a car:

(make some money)

List skills and tools available to you
List job options in your area
Get a drivers licence
Help someone rebuild their car - lots of possibilities there for making money, friend and getting a car as well.

Find out how to build a car (not difficult - not easy)

and so on - at least making the list will keep you occupied for a while.

This process worked for me, got me promoted, made friends learned to sail when I didn't even know I wanted to sail. I have built boats, built cars and in generally been busy and enjoyed the larger majority of my life - all from making lists when I was about your age.


8 years ago

Seeing as how this IS instructables, you could try making something. I'm in the process of building myself a proper desk. It is taking quite a while but is both cheap and useful. It doesnt have to be a desk but make something. Write a book, program a computer game, paint a canvas, design a fortress to protect yourself from the inevitable zombie apocalypse, the possibilities are endless.

Beyond those I would suggest any number of social activities in the real world. Go for a walk, have coffee, go bowling, have a beer, hit the beach, once again: endless possibilities.


Answer 8 years ago

volunteer to fill sandbags. Community service is a good way to make social contacts that can greatly benefit you later on.


8 years ago

build a weapon of somesorts like a coil gun, or try finding the the word value of the meaning of life (numeric value = 42), or try to destroy justin beiber by unleashing the dark lord zethulu upon him.

hower try doing something that may better yourself later on, like building something useful, such as a potato launcher or megacomputer for finding the meaning of life's worded value.


8 years ago

take a walk, take a ride on a bicycle, start or complete a project you've been putting off, watch the boob tube, warsh yer hairs, make dinner ahead of schedule answer loads of instructables questions.


Answer 8 years ago

(I've been meaning to do #5 all week, but being something of a hermit...)