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What to do with an old stereo/casette player? Answered

I have an old stereo/casette player and was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what to do with? If you put one forward that I like I will make an instructable on it. (My first one!) I was thinking about turning it into a set of rather large computer speakers, any ideas on how I would accomplise this?
Any Ideas welcome.
Yours awesome-ly



9 years ago

Well, first test the cassette player/recorder, IF it works, and if the radio works on all the bands, you can either use it as is, or if you can find a schematic for the unit, like on line maybe, you COULD seperate the radio componant from the rest and put it in it's own box, OR you could, if you have the patience and the skill, incorporate a cheap MP3 player into the box and run it's output through the speakers (you may need to build an amp for the speakers depending on the speaker impedance.


Reply 9 years ago

thank you for the input I'm thinking about incorporating a cheap mp3 player into if I find the schematics thanks :)


9 years ago

BEAM headbot!