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What to do with broken xbox 360's? Answered

I was going to fix my 2 broken 360's but I have never gotten around to it. I was thinking instead of having the xbox in the case just have the motherboard on a piece of wood and see if it is sturdy enoud to get it to work.  I really dont want to waste such good parts that I could do something with.  Any Ideas?

ps I also have a ps1 with no use and gamecube- these do work!



8 years ago

my friend got his fixed for $50 i can tell you the place tomwrrow


8 years ago

Ever tried swapping out the insides of new, i.e. your, consoles with old ones, e.g. the Atari?


8 years ago

Hang the PCBs on your wall.

With time they are great historical conversation art pieces.
Plus, if U need a component. well there it is.

I hang all the mother-boards from my dead computers on my walls. One really annoying mother is staked with a railroad tie to a post :-D