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What to do with giant plasma tvs Answered

I bought 2 50" plasma tvs at an auction for $105 and found out they don't work.  I've identified the error messages and downloaded the service manuals.  But the manuals require I test certain boards and I don't know how to do that.  I can't afford to spend $400-$800 to have a repairman fix them (someone at Justanswer told me that's what the charge will likely be).

What can I do with these? Are the parts reusable for something else?


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9 years ago

"Free advice from the internet is often worth less than you paid for it."

I would talk to a local TV repair shop - tell them which boards need testing, ask them how much they would charge.

You can only watch one TV at a time - you could offer them one TV as payment for repairing the other.