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What to do with my vacuum motors? Answered

Well here's the deal.  I have 3 working vacuum motors in my basement, waiting to be used for a project. I was all set to build a kick ass hovercraft, but then I realized 2 of the 3 motors are 240v :( I will probably still try to use the one (120v) to make a hovercraft, but I'm really not sure what I could do with the other two.  I'm assuming they wouldn't work well as generators...since they seem to spin at such high RPM.  I'm pretty new to this stuff but I feel like there must be something cool I can do with the motors. 

(They are all Ametek motors. The one is a 120v which I successfully wired up and ran off of my outlet. The other two are 240v (50-60 Hz). 
Thank you for any help/suggestions.