What to use as a pivot? eyelet, hollow shaft, hollow nut & bolt? Help Answered


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I am looking for a permanent way to hold together a leg between 2 plastic pieces. I want the shaft that goes in the hole to be hollow, cause i plan to pass something through it. I have attached an image with the dimensions.

The leg (center) is aluminum and the plastic parts on either side are delrin. I was thinking of eyelets, a shaft or a hollow nut and bolt with thread fastner, but I think all will have to be custom made. I want the fastner that holds the leg and the plastic together to also help in restrictive rotation so that alittle force is required to rotated the leg about the hollow pivot point (the shaft).

Does anyone have any ideas of how i can do this or any better methid? Thanks for all your help in advance.



5 years ago


any hardware store that sells stuff to fix lamps will have these threaded tubes. They assemble like bolts, but are hollow to accomodate electric cord passing thru.


5 years ago

Hey guys, so i tried contacting a few manufacturers, seems like custom eyelets will be expensive and so will the tooling. I am planing to shift to plastic kind of hollow hinge. Maybe some clips like grommets or bushings? My question is how to i do a torque hinge with that? A snug fit maybe? or an oring?

Thanks for the help


5 years ago

You can get 3/8" metal tubing in many types of metals. You can get it with a flared end and there are tools for flaring the ends. You local hardware store should have copper and brass. Auto parts stores will have it in steel and aluminum. If it's steel it will be pre bent for a specific vehicle make and model. But you can cut out a section for your needs.


5 years ago

Use a normal bolt with a hex head and put it in the lathe to drill the hole through.

If there is nothing to fit in that size you might have to make your own from scratch.

Delrin could work too depending on the stresses and how much material is left after drilling the hole.