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What to use for a small crucible? Answered

I want to make a small backyard aluminium foundry, but I don't know what to use as a crucible. I've seen soup cans, but it says they rust away, and ceramic shatters. I've also seen things like the bottom half of a propane/co2 canister, but I don't have thing like angle grinders to cut it open. 

Also, how would I make the foundry? I was thinking of laying down fire bricks in a pattern like this:
(from top, looking down)
[]  O []===O < blower
with mud to fill in the cracks. Would this work?
PS. The two []'s and four ='s are just one brick.


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8 years ago

How small? I can make furnaces that take a thimble crucible.

I would steer clear of a fire brick furnace, they can be heavy depending on the fire brick used.

Fibre blanket like Kaowool is good to use, light and very easy to make a furnace with. You can line any metal container, even a coffee can, and depending on your burner you can melt copper.

I don't like DIY crucibles, the steel ones end up failing pretty quickly. Just buy a clay graphite crucible, they have a lot more advantages over the other types of crucible you can buy or make.


9 years ago

dont take to much from this cause i to am looking for a crucible. but that will in no way wotk. if the mud dosent wall apart it will be burnt through from the liquid metal. i know this pretty well from old experiments if had when extreme heat meets dirt. was kinda fun =)