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What type of battery would I need to power 10m of RGB LED strips? Answered

For the summer, I would like to run two 5m strips of RGB LEDs in the cabin of my boat. I dont particularly want to run it off of the boat battery because I do not want to rain it while stationary. So my question is what type of battery, what specs, should I be looking for? Obviously a 12 volt battery because that is what the LEDs run off of, but is there a certain type I should be looking for, one that can handle the amount of amps the LEDs draw. Also if you could provide a link to a specific battery that would be helpful!

The specs for the LEDs:
Run off of 12 volts, (2) 5m Strips, approximately 5 amps per 5m -- so 10 amps total 

Link to RGB LEDs:

All suggestions and help are truly appreciated!



Best Answer 4 years ago

A large 12v deep cycle battery is the only way to go.

Your local auto parts store will have what you need :)

Even though the kit comes with a 5A power supply, it will only draw 3.3-4 Amps. Even less if you reduce the brightness with the controller!

I would suggest you buy a second Aux battery and hook it up in parallel to your Main ones. Then use a Relay between the positive leads of the batteries. This way you can power the lights off the second Aux battery, but still recharge it when the engine is running.

I drew you up a Crude Schematic on paint !

Now if $100-200 seem a bit much for an additional battery, You can always just wire the controller directly to your main batteries and use a relay just like what I drew down there. That way they will only be drawing current when the key is in the Ignition.


Answer 4 years ago

Yeah, Exactly what i was thinking !

Just had a brain wave too, For a spare battery try your local auto wrecker ! Not like it has to be a brand new one right?


4 years ago

The amps aren't necessarily the problem. How long do you want to run them for ?

If you want them to run for 10 hours, you need a 150 Ah battery