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What type of laptop should I get? Answered

I want a macbook pro 13, but I am not sure if this is the right choice. I would use it for word processing, music, and some gaming. It would need to be relatively fast, and thats it. Please help!


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9 years ago

If you are looking for games, macs aren't compatible with a lot. Go with an Acer. In reality, there are only two companies that make laptops... everyone else buys them from those two companies, and puts their name on it.

Those companies are Acer, and some Japanese company that I can't remember off the top of my head.


9 years ago

if you plan to do stuff like that, i say dont buy a mac.
then again im a mac hater but still hear me out.

macs can suck pretty bad when it comes to the graphics department, i suggest you buy a dell or HP/Compaq laptop, but more or less dell or HP.
if you arent planning to do a lot of serious gaming (ie hardware heavy 3d games) and are looking to save some money you could go and purchase a acer or sub-branded computer (emachines and gateway are sub-brands of acer)
the acer and sub-brands usually arent the best in all areas, but for what you need they should be suffice unless you are doing a lot of 3d gaming.

if any laptop you are getting is coming preinstalled with vista, i strongly suggest you ask if you can have windows 7 installed, in my opinion windows vista is far too hardware reliant and uses too many resources, it would be worth it to pay the extra money for windows 7.

2-4GB of ram is ideal, because its not going to cost you a lot more, but its not too little of an amount of ram that you are going to have issues.

then a 1.9-upGHZ procesor is good, get at least 1.9GHz, if you can afford faster, go ahead.

then theres storage, which is really up to you.
just ask yourself:
am i going to be saving and downloading a lot of files onto my hard drive? or am i going to delete most of them after im done with them?
really its up to you how much space you need, but 250GB seems to be where its at.

last and not least, check around to make sure you are getting a good deal for your laptop, if you can get one with similar specs for less, i advise you do.