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What type of supplies are you going to need if you are going out into the ocean for about 5-6 hours on a kayak? Answered


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Best Answer 11 years ago

 I am a heavy kakaker myself and i reccomend to travel light. i always pack 8 thinggs only depending on which kayak i use
1. fresh water or a desalinization kit for using saltwater (those are expensive)
2. some calory containing foods such as candy bars or granola bars
3. sunscreen (this is important...the sun will roast u alive
4. for emergencies i alwass bring a mini airhorn if i need to signal a boat.
5. a small umbrella (weird right? trust me it does wonders with shade if u stick it through your lifejacket to make it stand upright.)
6. extra lifejacket (just in case)
7. a waterproof bag for any small items that cannot take water I.E. : a satellite cell phone 
8. MORE WATER...if u run out of fresh water...well ur screwed....happy kayaking!